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Tunisian artist Taher Jaoui discusses the spontaneity behind his work – oil paintings of clusters of irregular and colourful objects accentuated by bold dark lines.

Taher Jaoui’s use of colour and texture is inspired by abstract expressionism, an art movement developed in New York between the 1940s and 1950s; a movement inspired by the artist’s intuition and emotional state, and characterised by dynamic shapes and rich colours achieved through exuberant movement.

Born in Tunisia, Jaoui moved to Paris in 2002 to continue his studies in computer science and worked as an engineer and also an investment banker for a few years.

“I come from a very scientific family, my mother was a teacher and my father was an engineer, but as I was working in Paris (in finance), I started thinking about doing something else – something more creative and emotional. So, in 2007, I started painting in my flat.”

Jaoui graduated from the Sorbonne University, in the Latin Quarter, in the same year.

Unable to showcase his work, he moved to Los Angeles and tried to work as an actor before returning to art, focusing on working with plastic. In 2014, he moved to Berlin to focus entirely on…

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