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In the first book book you will learn:

  1. The importance of basic bookkeeping

  2. Difference between bookkeeping and accounting

  3. The cash vs. accrual method

  4. Single entry vs. double entry method

  5. The importance of a financial statement

  6. How to protect yourself from thieves and fraud

  7. How to save money

  8. How to make your business more appealing to investors

  9. The importance of a balance sheet

  10. And much more!


In the second book, you will learn about:

  • The history of bookkeeping and its benefits,

  • Tips to get started with bookkeeping,

  • Basic rules of bookkeeping,

  • Maintaining books of records,

  • Basics of financial statements,

  • Bookkeeping checklist,

  • Common mistakes to avoid while bookkeeping,

  • Best bookkeeping apps, and much more!

The third book introduces you to the basics of bookkeeping and shows you how it differs from accounting, and what exactly you need to be a successful bookkeeper. A detailed insight into what bookkeeping entails and how accurate bookkeeping can enhance the growth of your business, help it expand, and keep you updated with your company’s financial situation. It will guide you through the process of becoming a bookkeeper and give you valuable tips to market yourself as a professional bookkeeper.

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