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Climate activists hold a large red balloon representing the Earth on June 11, 2020, in Seoul, South Korea. (Chris Jung/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, people around the world are still concerned by the threat of global climate change. A median of 70% across 14 countries surveyed over the summer say climate change is a major threat to their country. A similar median, 69%, say the same of the spread of infectious diseases.

This analysis focuses on cross-national views of how people perceive the threat of global climate change in 14 advanced economies. Pew Research Center has published previous looks at attitudes toward climate change, both globally and in the U.S.

For this report, we use data from nationally representative surveys of 14,276 adults from June 10 to Aug. 3, 2020, in 14 economically advanced countries. All surveys were conducted over the phone with adults in the United States, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany,…

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