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Two face-to-face workshops were organised in Lomé, Togo on July 27-29 July 2022, and August 22 to 27 of August 2022, to review the harmonized minimum occupational standards for plumbers and masons jointly developed by constituents in Ghana and Nigeria to make sure that they reflect 70% commonality with the existing national standards.

During the workshop, a Togolese technical committee compared the occupation standards systems to the standards in force in Togo, verified the modalities of evaluation and certification of the training retained by Ghana and Nigeria and examined the quality assurance of the training, evaluation and certification arrangements. after the minimum occupation standards are approved by the technical committees of the three countries, a Memorandum of Understanding will be developed to pave the way for a formal process for the recognition of qualifications of migrant workers in the selected occupations.

Recognizing that low- and semi-skilled migrants face constraints that hinder their mobility and skills utilization in regional labour markets, skills partnerships could allow for better integration of migrant workers into the workforce and boost the confidence of employers in hiring migrant workers. It could also help share the benefits of migration between the countries in the sub-region.

The process of recognition and harmonization of standards between the three countries mentioned above aims to strengthen the confidence of employers in hiring migrant workers and promote better integration of these workers in the labour market to enable them to obtain decent work.

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