The Higher Education Support Program in Angola is funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France for a total duration of 60 months (2019-2024_ 13M€). Its objective is to support the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Research and the institutions that constitute the Angolan higher education system in the production of knowledge and innovation, and in key learning skills to encourage employment.

The overall objective is to develop economic diversification and job creation in priority sectors.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Establish support mechanisms for the governance of higher education and public policy instruments for the specialization of higher education (Master’s and Doctoral levels) in priority sectors;

  • Develop the specialization of higher education institutions in the priority sectors identified nationally;

  • Develop equitable access to higher education and career development for vulnerable groups.

The specific objectives must achieve 7 major outcomes that propose solutions to the main problems and causes identified in an identification phase and explain the large deficit in the Angolan higher education system, particularly with regard to the production of knowledge and human resources from higher education required for the diversification and specialization of the desired economy and the capacity to generate more jobs.

In consultation with the coordination team, he will assume the role of team leader with the objective of:

  • Ensure the proper execution of the project, with regard to general aspects (logistics, human and material resources) at the local level, in accordance with the procedures defined in the project operational manual;

  • Ensure that all tendering procedures are launched in accordance with the procedures in force and the timetable, in coordination with the Administrative and Financial Manager and the team at headquarters;

  • Maintain regular contacts with Expertise France and the French Embassy in Luanda on the implementation of the project;

  • Participate in meetings organized for monitoring, evaluation and communication of the project.

Within the framework of this project, the expert’s main tasks will be to:

  • Ensure the proper implementation of activities, in accordance with the established timetable and financial framework;

  • Preparation and updating of strategic project documents and supervision of the quality of the products established in the project (reference documents, minutes, evaluations);

  • Updating and monitoring the indicators of the project’s logical framework, in close collaboration with the project coordination;

  • Participation in seminars, meetings and workshops in Luanda and within the project’s beneficiary institutions as a project representative;

  • Supervision of calls for tenders (projects) launched as part of the implementation of the project.

Its specific technical support to the Ministry of Higher Education will focus on the “higher education governance support” component of the project, namely the following functions:

  • Prepare, in close coordination with the Ministry’s directors and the technical assistant in support of the institutions, a strategy for specialization at Master and Doctorate level and ensure its operational implementation during the 5 years;

  • Carrying out and/or coordinating in the elaboration of diagnostic studies with national consultants and international expertise if necessary;

  • Set up working groups, dialogue actions and participatory workshops as part of the specialization strategy and the establishment of a Research Support Fund;

  • Make proposals for medium- and long-term strategic orientations on solutions adapted to the national and regional context within the framework of the specialization strategy ;

  • Support national consultants in the creation of a statistical database in coordination with the services directly concerned;

  • Prepare terms of reference and supervise offers and services related to the activities of the governance component, in particular for the implementation of an system of information ;

  • Creation of appropriate coordination mechanisms and instruments leading to the establishment of the national qualification system in Angola in coordination with the heads of the Management Unit “Plano Nacional de formacao de quadros” and those of the Ministry;

  • Support for improving the qualitative relevance of “quality assurance” mechanisms and support in the implementation of ongoing reforms (internal evaluation) with dedicated Ministry entities;

  • Programming and supervision of project training activities, including capacity-building sessions provided by national experts and short-term consultants;

Qualifications and skills:

Excellent knowledge:

  • Governance and quality issues of the Education sector,
  • Program coordination;

Good knowledge required:

  • Procedures, legal and financial rules related to the allocation of projects on European funds, the launch of calls for projects and proposals.
  • Higher education systems in Africa;

Excellent skills :

  • teamwork and interpersonal skills;

  • to coordinate the intervention of different actors in a transversal approach;

  • analysis and problem solving;

  • synthesis and drafting,

  • decision-making and initiative.

  • Perfect command of office automation tools (Word, Excel, Power Point) and interest in innovative technical solutions.

  • Fluency in Portuguese (written/oral), abilities in French (written or oral) and English (written)

Qualities required:

Professional experience:

  • University degree in public policy, administration, law, governance of education systems, or economics;

  • Expert with at least 15 years’ experience in governance issues in the Education, higher education or training sectors;

  • Essential experience in managing technical assistance or capacity building projects funded by the European Union or other international donors;

  • Previous experience in the planning and management of higher education, in the development and monitoring and evaluation of public policies, particularly in developing or emerging countries;

  • Previous experience in monitoring and setting up mechanisms and systems for quality assurance, certification and accreditation of diplomas and skills;

  • Desired experience in the field of statistics, in the implementation and monitoring of data for the benefit of the education sector;

  • Desired experience in project monitoring and evaluation and the use of outcome indicators.

Additional information:

  • Location of the mission: Luanda, with possible travel to the regions

  • Duration of the mission: 12 months renewable 4 times.

  • Start date: September 2019

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