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With Youth Day approaching, Young Maverick has put together a list of movies, documentaries and series on television that appeal to young people.

BoJack Horseman

This five-season adult animation television drama is based on the life of an alcoholic, humanoid horse. The story goes that BoJack Horseman was a prominent and successful television star in a now-cancelled show, Horsin’ Around. His life revolved around the show, and in the aftermath of its cancellation in its ninth season, he is left with too much time on his hands, and to his thoughts, which results in him becoming a depressed, cynical, narcissistic alcoholic.

Young people can relate to the show because it tackles issues such as depression, anxiety, alcoholism and poses existential questions such as: What does one need to be happy? How does one find one’s place in the world? BoJack Horseman can be streamed on Netflix.

When They See Us

Based on true events of what became to be known as the “Central Park Five” case, this four-part series brings to the fore the sensitive and volatile issue of race relations and identity politics which have shaped, and continue to shape how we relate to one another. Produced by…

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