1. Pan African Organizing Committee, South Carolina USA
2. Association of Afrocentric Scholars and Activists, Los Angeles, California
3. Harvest Institute/Los Angeles Chapter, California
4. The Black Think Tank, Los Angeles, California
5. Reparations United Front, Los Angeles, California
6. Reparations United Front-Seattle Seattle, Washington
7. Reparations Research and Advocacy Group, Los Angeles, California
8. NAACP Political Action Committee, Hollywood/Beverly Hills Branch
9. OUR WEEKLY Newspaper-Reparations Reporter Los Angeles, California
10. African Students Association, California
11. Allensworth Heritage Committee, Los Angeles, California
12. African American Chamber of Commerce/Pan African Business & Trade Organization, Los Angeles, California
13. Shaping Black Culture Diaspora Committee, Los Angeles, California
14. Africa Support Group, Berkeley, California
15. Black Men’s Health Coalition/Black Barbershop Project California
16. Kuumba Report/Mumia Support Committee/PAOC Baltimore, Maryland
17. Black Political Prisoners Support Group Baltimore, Maryland
18. SRDC Facilitators Group—Washington State, Seattle, Washington
19. SRDC Facilitators Group—Ohio, West Columbus, Ohio
20. South Carolina Community Council of Elders, Charleston, South Carolina
21. SRDC Facilitators Group–New York
22. SRDC—Canada, Toronto, Canada
23. Central American Black Organization/ONECA (Thirty-five member organizations, including Center of Afro Costa Rican Women, Guatemala Garifuna Women’s Association, etc., representing 7 Central American countries) Nicaragua
24. UNIA-ACL Parent Body
25. AAPRP (All African Peoples’ Revolutionary Party) Central Committee, Los Angeles
26. African Unity of Harlem. Harlem
27. Per Ankh University Human Rights Organization, Virgin Islands
28. Collective Black People’s Movement, Atlanta, Georgia
29. National Black Leadership Council
30. CIPN/MIR (French Caribbean Pan African Organization/International Reparations Movement), Guadeloupe & Martinique
31. African Medical Corps/Physicians for Pan African Progress, Cuba
32. PANASTRAG (Pan African Strategic Planning and Research Group), Nigeria, USA, Europe, Caribbean
33. Middle East African Diaspora Council, Dimona, Israel with affiliate in the Middle East Region.