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By Earl Ofari Hutchinson —

Here’s who I blame for George Floyd’s Murder

  • Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo
  • Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey
  • Chair of the Police Conduct Oversight Commission Velma J. Korbel
  • Hennepin County District Attorney Michael G. Freeman
  • And US Senator Amy Klobuchar (She was a top prosecutor for a time in Minneapolis)

All sat there for years and knew from Chauvin’s record trail of mayhem he was a predator masquerading as a cop with a long history of violence, murder, beatings, abuse and more than a dozen citizen complaints.

ALL DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to get this beast out of a uniform and into a prison cell!

So, Put the Blame for Chauvin where it really belongs AT THE TOP!

The same goes for predator cops everywhere who disgrace their badge in an orgy of brutality while police, city and county, and police and public officials higher ups wink and nod and turn a blind eye to them.

That’s their license to beat, maim and kill which they freely exercise!

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