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On Tuesday, voters in Kansas overwhelmingly rejected a ballot initiative that would have opened the door to significant abortion restrictions in the state.

It was the first political test of voters’ appetite for state abortion restrictions since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June.

The decisive vote against curbing abortion rights in a deeply conservative state has political strategists in both parties recalibrating their views on the upcoming midterm elections.

“Well, [Tuesday] night was a slap in the face to me, personally, as a consultant who’s done this for 32 years,” said Chuck Rocha, a senior Democratic operative. “When this decision came down from the Supreme Court, I was one of those folks who said that if this is your issue, you’ve already picked a team — you’re already team red or you’re team blue, and this will have some effect, but not a major effect.”

But after seeing the staggering number of voters who turned out in a state that former President Trump won by 15 points in 2020, Rocha thinks abortion rights will end up playing a larger role in the November elections. Read more.

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