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African Diaspora Leaders in Central America

Highlights of the lives, visions, achievements, policies, and strategies of contemporary African Diaspora leaders in Central America.

Details of horrific first voyages in transatlantic slave trade revealed

Exclusive: As the world ignores the ignominious 500th anniversary of the buying and selling of slaves between Africa and the Americas, historians uncover its first horrific voyages

Sidney Francis Martin – African Diaspora in Nicaragua

Consultant, Accountant, Politician, Activist, Strategist, Founder of the Central American Black Organization, Coordinator of 40 civil society organizations NGO network in the Southern Caribbean Autonomous Region

The Most Influential Contemporary African Diaspora Leaders

In this comprehensive reference and background book, Dr. Roland Holou (www.RolandHolou.com) highlights the lives, visions, achievements, policies, and strategies of exceptional contemporary African Diaspora leaders across...

Why and How the Global Diaspora Should Advocate for the Development of their Nations

Each country should have advocacy centers where they should be training and educating their diaspora in helping them carry their developmental agendas. Governmental agencies (e.g. consulates and embassies) should be highly involved in this kind of advocacy initiatives.

Why does Africa Weep and Deteriorate? Real Causes and Solutions to African Impoverishment

After decades of independence, economic development in African countries continues to lag behind. However, several models and ideologies of development have been applied. Are...

Prof Verene A. Shepherd – African Diaspora in Jamaica (Caribbean)

Vice Chair of the CARICOM Reparation Commission, former Member of the UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent at the United Nations

African Diaspora in Barbados (Caribbean) – Dr. Sir Hilary McDonald Beckles

African Diaspora in Barbados (Caribbean). Chairman of the Caribbean Community Commission on Reparation and Social Justice, Chancellor of the University of the West...

Dr. Augustine (Gus) Gregory John – African Diaspora in the UK and Grenada

International Consultant & Executive Coach, Honorary Fellow and Associate Professor, Award-winning Writer, Education Campaigner

Dr. Edvaldo Mendes (Zulu) Araújo – African Diaspora in Brazil (South America)

President of Palmares Cultural Foundation at the Ministry of Culture in Bahia (Brazil). Specialist in Politics and Culture.
The Most Influential Contemporary African Diaspora Leaders

Outstanding Contemporary African Diaspora Leaders

African leaders who have brought about enormous and rare progress that would have been impossible without their leadership, including economic and political development of Africa and its Diaspora

Dr. Júlio Cesar de Souza Tavares – African Diaspora in Brazil (South America)

Professor at the Federal University of Fluminense in Brazil, Board Member of the Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora

Dr. Edna Roland – African Diaspora in Brazil (South America)

Leader of the Brazilian Delegation to the UN Third World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination

Dr. Julius Winston Garvey – African Diaspora in the USA and in Jamaica (Caribbean)

Founder and Medical Director of Garvey Vascular Specialists in New York, Champion of many Africa Health, Social, and Developmental Causes

Esther Roniyah Stanford-Xosei – African Diaspora in UK, Guyana and Barbados

African Diaspora in United Kingdom, Guyana (South America) and Barbados (Caribbean).

Dr. Christiane Taubira – African Diaspora in French Guiana (South America) and in France...

Well known for the “Taubira Law” Voted by the French Republic to Recognize that the Transatlantic Slave Trade is a Crime Against Humanity.

Prof. Antumi Toasijé – African Diaspora in Colombia and Spain

Director, Politologist, Published Author, Teacher, Scholar, Historian, Pan-African Activist of Afro-Spaniard

Dr. Zélia Amador de Deus – African Diaspora in Brazil (South America)

Professor at the Federal University of Pará/UFPA. President of the Brazilian Association of Black Researchers

Address by Sir Hilary Beckles, chair of the CARICOM Reparations Commission to the NAARC’s...

The social, economic and psychological wounds of slavery have been passed on down through the generations; open wounds that remain raw and continue to fester. Between the 16th and 19th centuries some 15 million captured Africans were shipped to the Caribbean, Latin America and North America on 36,000 slaving voyages. Millions more perished on the long and tortuous boat trips from Africa to the Americas.

Dr. Ron Daniels – African Diaspora in New York, USA (North America)

Founder and President of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century, Distinguished Lecturer at York College City University of New York

Plateforme Mondiale des Diasporas: Connexion et Engagement

  Pour diverses raisons, des gens quittent leur pays d’origine pour aller en aventure dans l’espoir d’une vie meilleure qui, malheureusement, ne se retrouve pas généralement comme...


Photo Credit: Global Diaspora News (www.GlobalDiasporaNews.com).   Musical: TURNING 15 ON THE ROAD TO FREEDOM My Story of the 1965 Selma Voting Rights March Developed for the Stage...

The Premier International Diaspora Social Media Platform (DiasporaEngager) is Growing Very Well

  The Premier International Diaspora Engagement Platform WASHINGTON DC, USA, August 19, 2015 / EINPresswire.com/ -- A few years ago, the first international social media platform (DiasporaEngager.com) that connects...


Photo Credit: Global Diaspora News (www.GlobalDiasporaNews.com). South Carolina's Rep. James Clyburn's endorsement of former Vice-President Joe Biden was pivotal in turning Biden into the Democratic...

Global Diaspora Advocating for the Development of Nations

To advocate for something is to plead or argue in favor of that thing. People and organizations usually advocate for causes they care for....