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Overnight stays in the Netherlands
2019 25.79 20.13
2020 20.04 7.27
2021 25.47 6.25
2022 29.42 16.58
2023* 29.32 20.42
*provisional figures

Of all types of accommodation, hotels welcomed the most guests in 2023, at 32.6 million. That was 11 percent more than in the previous year. Meanwhile, campsites and holiday parks saw their guest numbers increase to 5.2 million and 10.4 million, respectively – a slight increase on the previous year. Last year was the third year in a row with an increase in guest numbers in these types of accommodation. For group accommodation, the number of guests remained around the same at 1.6 million.

Overnight stays in different types of accommodation
2019 30.57 9.48 4.26 1.61
2020 16.16 6.99 3.55 0.61
2021 17.46 8.97 4.37 0.93
2022 29.26 10.14 5.03 1.57
2023* 32.57 10.38 5.21 1.58
*provisional figures

More visitors from abroad staying in hotels

The number of guests from abroad staying in hotels in the Netherlands increased by 2.9 million (+24.2 percent) relative to 2022. The number of guests from the Netherlands also rose, but only by 2.3 percent. In recreational accommodation (a category that comprises campsites, holiday parks and group accommodation), the number of foreign guests also rose in 2023, but the number of guests from the Netherlands fell.

The number of people staying on campsites went up in the year immediately after the coronavirus pandemic, mainly due to more Dutch campers. In the last two years, the number of campers from abroad has increased again, while the number of campers from the Netherlands has gone down slightly. Even so, the Netherlands’ campsites received both more domestic and more foreign guests in 2023 than they did before the pandemic.

Nearly half of hotel guests come from abroad

The proportion of guests from abroad is the highest in hotels: 46 percent of hotel guests are from other countries. In campsites and holiday parks, that proportion is about a third. Group accommodations have the lowest share of foreign guests at 9 percent.

Guests from abroad are most likely to come from Germany (7.2 million), Belgium (2.5 million) North and South America (2.1 million) and the United Kingdom (2.0 million).

Overnight stays, change in 2023*
Total 8.13 -0.33 23.13
Hotels 11.33 2.26 24.16
Campsites 3.58 -1.96 17.29
Holiday parks 2.30 -5.46 21.52
Group accommodation 0.70 -1.37 29.36
*provisional figures

Largest increase in Noord-Holland, falls in Fryslân, Noord-Brabant and Drenthe

Most guests stay in Noord-Holland, particularly in Amsterdam. This province also saw the largest increase in the number of tourist stays (+17 percent). The number of guests in Overijssel and Zuid-Holland also increased by over 10 percent.

In Fryslân, Noord-Brabant and Drenthe, the total number of guests declined in 2023. The number of guests from abroad rose in all provinces, however.

Overnight stays, change in 2023, by region*
Noord-Holland 16.93 5.46 23.91
Overijssel 12.48 8.69 35.93
Zuid-Holland 12.01 1.13 28.77
Groningen 8.32 1.93 27.96
Limburg 7.05 1.68 23.21
Gelderland 5.81 2.16 30.99
Utrecht 2.78 -4.00 28.71
Zeeland 1.66 -6.32 9.72
Flevoland 1.00 0.17 3.11
Drenthe -1.21 -6.18 32.57
Noord-Brabant -1.82 -8.10 19.51
Fryslân -7.38 -10.29 7.20
*provisional figures


Amsterdam still the main draw for tourists

More guests stayed in the Dutch capital in 2023 compared with the previous year; there was an increase of 21 percent to reach a total of 9 million. The number of guests from abroad staying in accommodation in Amsterdam rose by 26 percent, while the number of guests from the Netherlands rose by 8 percent.

Foreign visitors to Amsterdam came mainly from the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany. In Rotterdam and Utrecht, the number of visitors also increased by 19 percent, and The Hague saw an increase of 11 percent.

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