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Could King 98 be writing a unique piece of history for the local hip-hop scene?

The South Africa-based singer has launched his career in a foreign land. To many local music followers, the name sounds foreign. He has done most of his music exploits outside the country, but he was in Harare to unveil his album “Francesca” on May 1 when he invited Nigerian Star Davido and South Africa’s Nasty C for the mega event.

Despite having a few stage appearances back home, King 98 seems to be building a good brand in the region. Recently he reportedly thrilled Zambians when he performed at the Phoenix Rising Teen Awards and Music Festival at the Polo Arena in Lusaka.

King 98 is said to have stunned Zambian music followers with his performance and earned praises from music critics of that country. He shared the stage with Nasty C and Ammara Brown.

This Saturday King 98 has another regional assignment. The 21-year-old singer will perform at the “Castle Lite Unlocks” gig at the Campo do Maxaquene in Maputo, Mozambique. He will go to the event with Nasty C and Mozambican star Edson Abel Jeremias Tchamo, aka Laylizzy.

After the Mozambican tour, King 98 is expected to travel to Nigieria where he is set to have a number of shows.

This could be a unique entry into the hip-hop music scene for King 98. He has started with rubbing shoulders with the likes of Davido and Nasty C when local hip-hop fans are still to get to know more about him.

He could be writing a story similar to Mokoomba’s script. Mokoomba is known on European stages and has risen the country’s flag at many prestigious festival, yet their activity is less back home.

For King 98, it is a different story because he is based in South Africa where he is studying. After building a big regional brand, the young singer is likely to stamp his authority on the local scene when he is able to stage more shows in the country.

His manager DJ Simms believes their journey will take them miles on the continent and they plan to have more shows back home to reach out to their hip-hop fans in the country.

“We were happy with the reception we got in Zambia. We did not expect such a response and we are hopeful that everything will go according to plan as we leave for Mozambique this week,” said DJ Simms.

“Performing in the region means a lot to us. King 98 is building a good fan base in the region. He has a perfect working relationship with Nasty C and they have big plans together.

“His collaboration with Davido titled ‘No Bad Vibes’ has introduced him to the Nigerian market and we are confident he will also leave a huge mark when he goes to perform in West Africa.”

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