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At the age of 29, Sakina Muzhewe, aka Boss Sakina, says she is living her dream as a musician and businesswoman.

In an interview with Standard Style last week, Boss Sakina said hard work played a role for her to be what she is now and paid tribute to her mother whom she said was “very supportive in everything through all the ups and downs and my unorthodox educational choices”.

“My role model is my mom; I have learnt a lot from her, she is a hard worker,” Boss Sakina said.

She said she was into construction, but she spares a few hours to do what she loves most — music.

“I can’t say I do music for fun, but fun is part of the art, I’m not doing it for fun,” she said.

“I am passionate about music and I take it as my career and business even though fun is part of it. If you do not enjoy yourself in this stressful industry, you will quit.”

She said when it comes to music; she is her own role model.

“I fell in love with music and started performing from a tender age. I enjoy expressing myself through music,” she said.

Armed with two albums and a couple of singles, Boss Sakina said the future looks bright musically and she would release more songs and videos.

“This year and going forward, you are going to get more of my music videos and performances. I want to start performing, but most of the energy for now is on

videos, I need to get a bigger audience and it can be done through videos,” she said.

A single mother, Boss Sakina said her dream was to write her own history on the global scene.

“I think when I win an international award it will be safe for me to say I have reached the peak of my career,” she said.

She said given the chance, she would love to do collaborations with “big” names on the local Zimdancehall scene.

“I would actually love to have a collabo with a lot of artistes because most artistes now are very artistic. But if it’s to be done today, I would like to collaborate with Jah Signal, I like his vibe,” she said.

Read the full interview of Boss Sakina in Standard Style next week.

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