A man residing in Boksburg tell their story that dates to a 2015 prophecy. Major 1 located him through prophetic channel as they watched the “Prophetic Today” LIVE Program from home.
The man says he was giving up Christianity after an altercation with another pastor. He narrates how Major 1 rebuked him on that decision during the prophecy where he urged him to drop the thought.
Major 1 also prophesied about her pregnant wife and that to prove that he is a prophet, the child will be born next day and at four years she will begin to prophesy.
Today, the husband confirms the fruition of the testimony. The child is four years and she is said to be a great prophetess. She prophesies to her father, their visitors and relatives.
Major 1 advises the father to protect the child as she has a great future.

Source of original article: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri / ECG Church (https://www.youtube.com/propheticchannelTv).
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