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Right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is using the pretext of Hamas’ murderous Oct. 7 attacks to commit an ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people. What other conclusion is there to come to when Netanyahu ordered two million Palestinians to leave their homes, with nowhere to go, as he proceeds to indiscriminately bomb Gaza producing an ever-rising body-count of dead Palestinian civilians?

Is this Netanyahu’s final solution plan for Palestinians?

Hamas’ murderous acts killed some 1,200 Israelis. Netanyahu’s monstrous vengeance has led to a Palestinian death toll that is now over 12,000 and counting.

Will international governments continue to just stand aside and look as Netanyahu continues to commit mass atrocities like bombing hospitals—and murdering children?

It should go without saying that the killings, and kidnappings, of innocent Israelis by Hamas is abhorrent and should be denounced. But is the humanity of innocent Palestinians any less precious than the lives of Israelis? By the behavior of our leaders, the answer to that is a resounding yes.

This devaluation of human life is the primary reason the bloodletting continues in the so-called “Holy Land.”

President Joe Biden’s gutless silence is acquiescence to Netanyahu’s ethnic mass murder. Biden should be ashamed. One professor has dubbed Biden “Genocide Joe.”

Biden, along with most of the Congress, refuses to call for a ceasefire. Instead, we get twisted illogical idiocy about why calling for a ceasefire is harmful. In essence, we’re being told it’s too bad, but we must be willing to accept the massacre of innocent Palestinians.

One of the most absurd phrases we now hear is about “humanitarian pauses.” So, after these “humanitarian pauses” Netanyahu should be allowed to continue murdering Palestinian civilians—including a high percentage of children?

Obviously, Palestinian lives just don’t matter compared to Israeli lives. Religious xenophobes would like us to accept the noxious fallacy that only Israelis are God’s “chosen people.” If we believe them, we must accept this insinuation: God is a racist bigot.

Devilishly, Netanyhu uses biblical language to justify his bloodlust. Mass murder in the name of God is his malevolent message here.

Importantly, the issue of land-grabbing, the central problem in the Israel-Palestine conflict, is usually ignored by our American politicians and establishment media. By murdering masses of Palestinians, more land, for settler expansion, becomes available.

Many of our so-called leaders find it very easy to denounce Hamas. But, somehow, they can’t seem to find their voices to say a mumbling word about the homicidal actions of Netanyahu’s right-wing government. They become dumb, deaf, and blind to the human atrocities being perpetrated by Netanyahu. This is why innocent Palestinians, including children, are now dying and will continue to die.

Another outrage is the censoring of voices who dare to criticize Israel’s government. Interestingly, there seems to be more criticisms of the Israeli government’s policies against Palestinians by Israelis living in Israel than what is condoned here.

In America, to silence any criticism of Israel’s government the claim of “antisemitism” is quickly and repeatedly invoked. This is the primary tactic used now to strangle  any voices that dare speak any truth regarding the plight of Palestinians, who have zero sovereignty and live in a state of apartheid.

Before Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack, the racist government of Netanyahu was reeling from unprecedented protests against him, starting with the 2020-21 protests— as well as more recent demonstrations from members of the Israeli military. Among his other corrupt activities, Netanyahu had been trying to weaken the Israeli judiciary.

Ironically, the Oct. 7 Hamas attack rallied many of the same Israelis who were involved in these protests to now back Netanyahu. Moreover, Hamas’ attack was made possible by the intelligence failures of the Netanyahu government. In the early days, after the Oct. 7 attack, Netanyahu blamed intelligence chiefs for the intelligence failure.

However, it must be note that the Egyptian government has stated they warned Netanyahu about their intelligence reports which found that Hamas was planning “something big.” But as Netanyahu’s bombing of Palestinians continues his intelligence failures are largely being forgotten and he is benefiting for his corruption and ineptness.

Netanyahu’s right-wing government is solidified by the support of the most extremely racist elements in Israel. These are the same folks who will use violence, fueled by misguided religious zealotry, to ethnically cleanse Palestinians—so that they can occupy the land. Before Hamas’ attack there were many stories about right-wing settlers attacking Palestinians. And there have been reports of Netanyahu’s government encouraging vigilante violence against Palestinians.

Then there are our corrupt cowardly leaders in Washington.

For decades, Black Americans, facing entrenched institutional state-sponsored violence and murder at the hands of America’s police, are always being told to remain non-violent and protest peacefully. Why don’t we hear those same refrains now? Why are these same pretentious politicians now ravening warmongers?

The Republicans like to lecture us about being “pro-life” when they are telling women what they can do with their bodies. Where are these “pro-life” Republicans now when innocent Palestinians babies are being slaughtered by bombs and armaments that are labelled made in America? In the recent Republican primary debate, we heard GOP presidential wannabees calling on Netanyahu to “finish them.”

Many Americans expect Democrats to be more morally upright than duplicitous Republicans. But the response, by most Democrats, to this genocide in Gaza is disappointing and despicable.

Democrats are engaged in true bipartisanship with this ethnic cleansing campaign against Palestinians. This includes many Black Democrats who shamefully have cosigned their names to this massacre of Palestinians when they should be calling for a ceasefire.

These people will do anything for blood money campaign donations.

But next January, when we observe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday, they will all wrap themselves in the mantle of non-violence while giving phony praise about non-violence. But let’s remind these morally rudderless politicians about what Dr. King said regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict, on June 18, 1967, on ABC Sunday’s “Issues and Answers” program: “… I think for the ultimate peace and security of the situation it will probably be necessary for Israel to give up this conquered territory because to hold on to it will only exacerbate the tensions and deepen the bitterness of the Arabs.”



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