One of the goals of DiasporaEngager is to help the Global Diaspora represent their country of origin abroad and vice versa. DiasporaEngager ( is committed to working with all countries to allow them to know strategic areas where they use their Diaspora as their representative abroad and to improve the efficiency of certain missions and travels as well as saving on their expenses. DiasporaEngager helps people, organizations, nations, and international institutions to locate qualified people that can help them to push their agendas forward. DiasporaEngager encourages nations and their Diasporas to engage with one another on opportunities related to the following things that we would like you to consider in your postings:

• Account representative
• Business representative
• Company representative
• Congressional representative
• Contact representative
• Diaspora activities
• Diaspora network
• DiasporaEngager
• District representative
• Federal representative
• Financial representative
• Fiscal representative
• Government representative
• Investment advisor representative
• Management representative
• Manufacturer representative
• Marketing representative
• Medical representative
• National representative
• Patient representative
• Personal representative
• Pharmaceutical representative
• Product representative
• Representative agent
• Safety representative
• Sales representative
• Student representative
• Technical representative
• Trade representative
• Union representative
• Veteran representative

On DiasporaEngager, you can find individuals, companies, and nations that you can represent, or that can represent you. Do not wait any longer, just log in to your account on DiasporaEngager today and post your needs and offers related to the things mentioned above.

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If you know any organization involved in things mentioned above, please submit it to the Directory of the Diaspora and their Stakeholders so others can find them.

You can also find people and organizations on the Diaspora Map, a visual display of Diaspora organizations, business, schools, nonprofits, governmental agencies and international institutes per country worldwide.

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Whether you are a Nation Trying to stop Brain Drain, or an Immigrant in a Foreign Land, Use the Global DiasporaEngager Platform to Learn How Diasporans can Represent their Country Abroad

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