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The role of public works and public employment programmes to contribute to the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, as well as transformational changes impacting the world continue to evolve and be debated. This webinar aims to contribute to this discussion by presenting relevant and current research, and case studies of such programmes from around the globe. The webinar will be an opportunity to learn about and discuss five key themes related to these programmes and how they can contribute to the ILO’s goal of Decent Work for all. The event will be relevant to all working on these types of programmes, including their design, implementation, evaluation or research.


DAY 1: Thursday 21 October, 10h30 to 13h00 CET

Opening: Sangheon Lee, Director Employment Policy Department
Background to Webinar: Maikel Lieuw-Kie-Song, Specialist, Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP), ILO

Session 1: Lessons from the past to inform the future

Moderator: (TBC)

  • Book Launch: 100 years of Public Works in the ILO, Anna McCord (Independent)

Session 2: There is work to do! Public investment to create jobs in green and care sectors

Moderator: Jean-François Klein, Employment Policy Department, ILO

DAY 2: Friday 22 October, 14h00 to 16h30 CET

Session 3: Work matters to people. And it’s about more than just the income

Moderator: Kate Philip, Presidential Employment Stimulus, South Africa

Session 4: PEPs and their multipliers and spillovers

Moderator: Samuel Asfaha, Bureau for Employers‘ Activities, ILO

Session 5: PEPs and the social contract of the future

Moderator: Christina Behrendt Head, Social Policy Unit, Social Protection Department, ILO

Closing: Mito Tsukamoto, Chief Development and Investment Branch ILO


Register for the Webinar here

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