Tsunami – Earthquake Emergency Relief in Indonesia

PALU TSUNAMI September 2018

Emergency Relief for tsunami victims underway.

The Mercy-USA Indonesia first responders are bringing emergency relief to victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Palu, Indonesia on Friday, Sept. 28, 2018. The death toll is expected to rise above 1,000. Our rescue teams are headed to the disaster now. 

Mercy-USA has had a permanent early response team in Indonesia since the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004. We have been working in the country helping with developing infrastructure, education and agricultural projects.  Our team of skilled early responders are set to deliver appropriate emergency relief to the victims of this devastating event. We will stay to bring future development projects to aid in recovery. 

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LOMBOK EARTHQUAKES July and August 2018

Mercy-USA is building family shelters and a new school.

In late July into early August 2018, the island of Lombok, Indonesia suffered several large and powerful earthquakes.  Hundreds of people were killed and villages were all but destroyed. In the village of Kerta Raharja  in North Lombok, every single home was destroyed as well as all of the school buildings. 


Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is building shelters for vulnerable families in Kerta Raharja.

Tsunami-Earthquake victimsPrimary school children, aged 5-7 are currently meeting their teachers in a tent, but are sent home when it rains, which is often. Mercy-USA is building a new school facility, complete with classrooms, teacher’s room, washroom facilities and a playground. Additionally, we will be providing all the children with new school uniforms, backpacks, lunch kits, books and supplies.


*When you designate Indonesia Tsunami and Earthquakes Relief and Recovery while donating, we promise your funds will be directed exclusively to this relief work.
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