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Toroko is an agrarian community in Gbako Local Government Area (LGA) of Niger State. A small health clinic is in the heart of the community, but it can’t meet the healthcare needs of the community members due to challenges with human resource for health and poor infrastructure.

Mohammed Bisanti, the officer in-charge of the facility, lamented that he is the only health worker at the facility, and is often overwhelmed by the volume of patients. On infrastructure, Bisanti noted that besides the need to install a perimeter fence to enhance security, the facility’s roof needs to be replaced as it leaks profusely whenever it rains. He added that the facility also needs a fully equipped laboratory, a well-stocked dispensary and technicians. In the absence of a laboratory and dispensary, patients are sent to health facilities in nearby Lemu town, the headquarters of Gbako LGA to get tests done and buy medication.  

Furthermore, the health facility has no electricity, no source of water and no toilets.

Hadiza Ibrahim, a community member said, although the Toroko Health Clinic has helped the community, community members face challenges accessing care from it. ‘’When we come to the clinic and want to ease ourselves, we go to the nearby bush and the smell ends up coming back to the clinic’’, she said.

For Toroko Health Clinic to function optimally and provide quality healthcare to the people, the community members are asking the authorities of Gbako LGA and the Niger State government to,

  1. Completely rehabilitate Toroko Health Clinic
  2. Ensure the fencing of the facility
  3. Recruit and deploy adequate health workers to the clinic
  4. Construct a well-equipped laboratory and dispensary for the clinic
  5. Provide electricity, a source of clean water and gender equitable toilet facilities.

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