Thousands of Brazilian Women Demand Land Reform | Voice of America

Thousands of women from across Brazil marched through the capital Wednesday, demanding better working conditions on farms and protesting against right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro. 
“We are working from sun to sun, rain to rain, just to be able to bring food to the table,” one woman said, while another appealed to the government “to have mercy and do the original land reform for working people who want a piece of land to work with, raise their children and grandchildren.” 
The women also marched against Bolsonaro, who has been long accused of making racist and sexist comments. His cuts to education funding set off another large protest by students and teachers in Brasilia on Tuesday.  
Bolsonaro is also facing international criticism for his seeming indifference to Amazon rainforest destruction. 
Wednesday’s “March of the Margaridas” is held every four years. It was named for Brazilian union leader Margarida Maria Alves, who was murdered in 1983. 

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