President Daniel Edah

The Benin of my dream,
The Benin of our dream

My dear compatriots,

For some time, tension has been rising at the social level, some confusion has been set up on the political level while at the economic level we are taken short by the lack of construction of the production and transformation economy that we call from all our Wishes.

I understand the anxiety, the feelings of revolt contained in fear of revenge and I know that to force a full bottle, it ends up blowing up. We won’t go that much because God is with us.

May peace and serenity be given to you in abundance!

My dear compatriots,
Like any human work, the past and present of the governance of our country know ups and downs.
We welcome all the progress made since 1 August 1960 and we are committed to mobilizing the skills indicated to discern, in the legacy of the failed system, the achievements to be saved and ablations them to operate.

Now, the time for Benin to review the implementation of the acts of the National Conference of February 1990 and capitalize its internal and external skills to operate the necessary revolution in political mores to establish governance Policy adapted to the economic prosperity and social stability of the country.

The time has come to implement inclusive political governance that provides good representation in decision-making bodies to women for their increased participation, young people to both capitalize their energy and creativity and prepare them to take on an effective succession in order to ensure that they are Sustainability of public action. Inclusive governance will also have to reach the skills and expertise available in the beninese diaspora to increase their sense of belonging to the nation and facilitate their active involvement in the construction of the production and transformation economy.

The time has come for the construction of the production and transformation economy of jobs for all and creating inclusive economic growth, felt in the health of private businesses, in creating jobs and income from household all over the territory National.

I welcome the contributions of all the former and current leaders to the development process of our country that is and will remain an open site on which the generations will take place. They have given and continue to give what they can, with their respective successes and failures.
I would like to assure them that with the advice of those who will make themselves available, we will focus on their successes and learn from the failures that are awarded to them.

I am convinced that in order to achieve different results from what we have known in the past and that we have known since April 2016, 6, we need to think and act differently, change our way of driving us and to rule the City. We will.

Dear Compatriots,
In response to the current economic, political and social difficulties of our country, I have good news.

I had a dream where God announces an era of great prosperity and national unity for Benin where it will be beautiful.

I dreamed of Benin economic prosperous and socially stable, a Benin of unity and high hopes that attracts, reassure and inspires, a Benin with economy of production and transformation, a benin where the defense and security forces are reconciled with the People they are responsible for defending while ensuring the security of goods and people.

In the current difficult conditions of our country where national unity becomes a challenge with many fellow exile and political prisoners in addition to the killing and post-election destruction of 1ST AND 2 May 2019, it is difficult Even impossible for a political leader whose draft society consists of revenge, accounts resolution, revenge and hate to embody the solution for Benin.

Because we know that no one among the actors of the current opposition and movement as well as their protected is completely foreign to the difficulties that the country is going through,
Because we wish peace as well as the return to the land of the exile and the liberation of political prisoners,
Because we do not want other beninese citizens to be forced into exile or imprisoned for their political opinions,
Because without our national unity the solidarity prosperity of Benin is not possible,
We make the choice of love and invite all the political actors of the opposition and the movement to also choose the love that surpasses and condition everything, including the law.

That’s why, in addition to the commitment to organize the second national conference to give a new and positive breath to our democratic process, we are prepared to deal with all the supporters of the current movement and opposition who understand that it is time to give up Any policy of revenge, accounts or exclusion to together advance Benin, to together restore the image of our country with our neighbours and the international community.

My dear compatriots,
After my participation in the 2016 presidential election, I would like to declare that the renewal of my political commitment is a pure grace of God and not a personal merit similar or against that of another citizen who feed the legitimate ambition of embody The Solution for Benin.

I call for the gathering of all those who believe in the sovereignty of God and make the choice of love against revenge and revenge so that God will team us together and use us for prosperous and stable Benin, Benin of Inclusion, Benin where every citizen becomes a shareholder of national wealth.

Grace accompanies us!

Long live Benin Republic!

God bless Benin!

Thank you.

Daniel Edah
Candidate declared for the presidency of Benin