Nkateko Maluleke and Gift Mulaudzi

Moses and Sibongile Chauke are founders of The Double Blacks Edutainment Production (orphanage) which started in 2013 but was not registered until 2016. This production houses, feeds and teaches children to perform art works in schools and shopping centres in order to raise funds for their schooling and well Being in General

Speaking to this publication during the Tembisa walk that was organised by the ECG Youths Magnets on Monday, Moses Chauke thanked Prophet Bushiri and the Magnets for the love they showed to their Opharnage. “We thank the ECG Youth Magnets and the Prophet for what they have done. We thank you for the parcels which you have given us ECG. People look down on us but we believe that with God we are growing.” he said.

He added that the Orphanage suffers from serious financial problems since they don’t get any sponsorships or financial support from anyone. Sibongile reiterated that they use money from their pockets in order to support the children.

With help from Josephine Mphofu, who is a mentor at the orphanage, the love and support for Children has made the orphanage grow bigger and stronger.

Children that were homeless are taken care of under Sibongile and Moses.

“Some of the Children we are taking care of, their Parents are drug addicts, some are deceased, therefore we gather them to keep them busy with art works and school mentoring” added Sibongile.

D.B.E.P makes sure that kids do not go to sleep hungry under the care of their guardians .

Josephine told this publication that “… children have a bright future ahead of them and they are the ones who will make a difference in the next generation” she added.

Source: ECG News Online

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