President Daniel Edah

The National Dialogue announced on 20 may 2019 and renewed on 15 July by the president of the Republic was transformed into political dialogue to which major protagonists of the crisis that dialogue is supposed to solve have not been invited because That their parties are not yet approved by the government.

We regret the exclusion of the priests whose involvement in 1990 allowed the democracy that we are building and civil society that is a stamp force.

The result is the organization of a counter dialogue called ” Resistance Foundation ” in the opposite of the meeting called ” political dialogue ” initiated by the president of the Republic.

In the report presented at the end of the meeting of parties approved by the government, we learned, among other things, from the financial grievances of the participants who beg to the limit the president of the republic to grant them special financial aid under the State Budget Year 2020.

We dare to believe that it is not a bargain to support the revision of the constitution of the republic against the will of the people and non-accredited opponents whose legitimate requirements deserve to be considered if the will of the president of the republic To get out of the twinges born of the April 2019 parliamentary elections is sincere.

In order not to aggravate the situation of the multi-country crisis in our country, knowing that the president of the republic and his two political parties that occupy parliament have the constitutional legality to continue to ignore the contrary voices, we call for the wisdom of the President of the republic to take no initiative to the revision of the constitution of the republic under the current conditions.

On the other hand, we ask the political forces gathered within the opposition to reassess their requirements in that Benin does not have a constitutional basis to question the current parliament unless a sufficient number of Mps submit their resignation.

However, we encourage proposals leading to the improvement of the charter of political parties and the electoral code as well as the organization of general elections without touching the constitution of 11 December 1990.

In Case the president of the republic comes to opt for the recommended general elections, instead of going through the revision of the constitution, we propose that he encourages the resignation of Parliament in block to allow the judge of the electoral court to order the organization Early Parliamentary elections.

On this week marking the fourth anniversary of the disappearance of the late President General Mathieu Kerekou, we invite the whole political class to take an example on the values of humility, peace, and patriotism that he left us.

Long live the national unity!
Long live Benin of inclusion!
God bless Benin!

Pahou, October 15, 2019.

Daniel Edah