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USA – One of Liberia’s major opposition political institutions, The National Democratic Coalition (NDC), has elected Samuel P. Ajavon, Jr., as Chairman on a white ballot for its USA Chapter, until the USA Diaspora based group goes to a convention at which time the NDC will formally elect its corps of officials. Others chosen to serve in acting capacities include Dr. Emmanuel Daykeay – Vice Chairman; Dr. C. Dougbeh Nyan – Vice Chairman International Affairs; James Marshall – Vice Chairman for Mobilization; Rev. Twaleh Geply – Women’s League Coordinator; and Annie Musu Boyle – Financial Secretary/Treasurer.


In fulfillment of the objectives of the Coalition to form and forge a common sense of identity utilizing the experiences, strengths, and resources of Liberians in the Diaspora, to support NDC initiatives on the ground in Liberia, the NDC-USA chapter was established. Hence, the primary undertaking of the new corps of officers is to begin building the NDC roster in the Diaspora; undertaking initiatives that will provide needed support for NDC initiatives in Liberia; as well as enhancing the capacity of the party in Liberia and the Diaspora toward its ultimate goal of providing leadership and real change to Liberia and Liberians in general.

Given the strenuous social and economic conditions brought on the people of Liberia by previous and current administrations in Liberia, there is a need for real change in the political leadership in Liberia; and a real opposition that understands the plight of the Liberian people, and one that is willing to make adjustments to serve rather than lord it over the masses. Hence, it is time for all progressives in and out of Liberia to come together to redeem the state, for our people are looking for an alternative to leadership in Liberia and the NDC is properly positioned to lead and usher in the anticipated social and democratic change that our people rightly deserve.

The National Democratic Coalition is a progressive, pan African institution steep in the struggle of African liberation movements that have links to progressive institutions in and out of Liberia. The NDC is now poised to be the major opposition in Liberia, as it strengthens its leadership at home and abroad.  The formation of the NDC emanated from the need to provide fundamental reforms, genuine reconciliation, and effective nation-building to our society; taking into full cognizance Liberia’s difficult past. Currently comprising the New Deal Movement and the Free Democratic Party, the NDC strives to bring to fruition the dreams and aspirations of the Liberian people, especially as they relate to economic empowerment, social integration and genuine reconciliation. It is dedicated to the cause of justice; accountability; respect for human rights, free speech, a free press, and the Liberian Constitution. The NDC is opened to all well meaning Liberians, including our fellow compatriots in the Diaspora to be a part of this novel undertaking organized to make Liberia a better place for all of its people.

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