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The remaining half of well-known group Magogoz seems not to be slowing down any time soon.

The former quartet now consists of two members – Shoza (Shafa Oscar) and Makuva (Sion Mushinga) – and released a new single, ‘Stay’ featuring Karishma, on Friday.

The song is produced by Elvo ‘Dr Mavovo’ Diergaardt.

‘Stay’ is the group’s second single, released as a teaser for their upcoming album, ‘Unfinished Business’, which they plan to release in October.

The first single, ‘Weekend Special’ featuring Longizo, was released last November.

‘Stay’ is a house and Afro-pop track. Shoza said they decided to release the song because they want to give their fans a taste of the new genres they have added to the album. The quartet was previously known for dancehall and kwaito songs.

“We decided to add a few new genres such as gospel, Afro-pop, house and hip-hop to our music. A little change here and there is always good. We had fun thus far and are excited to share our new music with our fans,” Makuva said.

‘Stay’ tells the story of staying in a romantic relationship and fighting for love instead of giving up. The song is also a plea against gender-based violence.

“In many cases in Namibia, those who are romantically involved often give up too easily on their love. They are hurting each other and that is not right. We want to inspire them to talk to each other, care for each other and fight for love,” Makuva said.

On how the group is doing now that they are a duo, Makuva said it is not easy and that the decision by the other two members to leave and start solo careers came as a shock. “We might not be the group that our fans know, but the music must go on. We will continue to work with Chubby Beats and Boby,” Shoza said.

Makuva said what encouraged him to keep fighting for the group was the fans. “They are still there, despite all the changes that the group went through. Even when we left Mshasho a few years back, they were there. They are still supporting us even though we are not the same as before. The messages of encouragement keep us going,” he said.

The 13-track ‘Unfinished Business’ will feature artists such as King Tee Dee, Kp Illest and D-Jay.

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