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Mali has marked its 61st anniversary of the country’s independence from France.

On Wednesday in Kati, near Bamako, a military parade was held with the president of the transition Colonel Assimi Goïta in attendance.

The celebration however comes at a time of political uncertainty for the sahelian nation.

“Today, Mali is going through difficult times, but we must not despair of our nation, of our State. It is during difficult times that we know the true citizens and it is during difficult times that we recognise the true patriots.” President of the transition Colonel Assimi Goïta said.

Goïta assured that Mali will “honour all its international commitments”, amid the controversy over the Malian military’s alleged intention to hire paramilitaries from Russian private-security firm Wagner.

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Mali’s 61st anniversary of independence from France
Colonel Assimi Goïta
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Mali Marks 61st Independence Day From France
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