In a global economy as it is today, it may be more profitable to collaborate with others than to work individually. Unfortunately, for most people or organizations, it is difficult to collaborate and to find potential collaborators. The collaboration need is more appealing in developing countries. DiasporaEngager ( has been helping people and organizations to better collaborate. Some of the collaboration problems we are trying to tackle are related to:

• Business collaboration
• Collaboration activity
• Collaboration agreement
• Collaboration application
• Collaboration community
• Collaboration consulting
• Collaboration enterprise
• Collaboration group
• Collaboration network
• Collaboration platform
• Collaboration portal
• Collaboration program
• Collaboration projects
• Collaboration resource
• Collaboration school
• Collaboration strategy
• Collaboration system
• Collaboration technology
• Collaboration tools
• Collaboration training
• Corporate collaboration
• Educational collaboration
• Online collaboration
• Research collaboration
• Scientific collaboration
• Social collaboration
• Teaching collaboration
• Technical collaboration
• Workplace collaboration

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Credit: DiasporaEngager ( , 22 July 2018