Major 1 and Prophet Uebert Angel
Major 1 and Prophet Uebert Angel

For so long, people have been wrongly taught that prophecy is for the time of old and that to hear from God today, they must only read the Bible. However, at the beginning of 2015, the search for the solution of a problem I was having forced me to seek the Voice of God clearly. I realized that if I could find a living true prophet, he could help me. Therefore, the trail of my search of a genuine prophet led me to Prophet Uebert Angel ( and his spiritual son, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major1). Within a few weeks, as I was watching all the videos these prophets posted on their Youtube accounts ( ;, I amazingly found out that God is really still speaking today through them, even in a major way than that of Moses, Isaiah, Elijah, and Ezekiel, etc.


Since the time I discovered them, I have been following them on social media. For instance, every morning, after reading my Bible, I always go to their Facebook pages ( and to read what the daily breaking news from heaven is. It was during one of these readings at the beginning of 2017 that I learned that Prophet Uebert Angel would be coming to Houston, Texas (USA) for a two-day conference on March 10-11, 2017. Therefore, I managed to fly my family and myself to attend this historic conference hosted by Pastor Jeremiah Asomugha (, a spiritual son of Prophet Uebert Angel.


The meeting attracted thousands of people from all over the world (e.g. Canada, UK, Cameroon, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ivory Coast, several states in the US, etc.). As usual, the Prophet did a lot of crazy miracles and prophecies. Several people were instantaneously healed from diseases (e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, deaf, and kidney). For instance, a lady whose blood pressure was 180 over 200, which is a stage of stroke, passed under the shadow of the Prophet and was healed; her blood pressure came down to 120 over 70. As the pioneer of the miracle money, Uebert Angel spoke the Word and many people even received miracle money immediately and credit scores were raised. The remission from prison of the relatives of some of the audience members was pronounced and God answered spontaneously. It was one of the greatest honors and privileges of my life that, God located me through the prophet who called me out. Then, he accurately prophesied to me and my wife with deep details including my date and place of birth, my distinction during my PhD graduation as Doctoral Marshall (first of my class of hundreds of doctorates) in the USA, the age of the pregnancy of my wife, the year I moved to the US where I now live as a dual citizen, the name of my business, DiasporaEngager (The World’s #1 Global Diaspora Engagement Social Media Platform – and how God has been talking to me about it, etc. The crowd was very shocked by the accuracy of the prophecies of the Major Prophet and some people were holding their head because they could not believe it. I do not know any miracle described in the Bible that Prophet Uebert Angel and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major1) ( have not performed yet. The accuracy of their prophecies, the magnitude of their deeds, and their demonstration of the power of God are a true testimony of their unquestionable dominion and the anointing they carry.


Also called the Biological Microphone of God, Prophet Uebert Angel unapologetically believes that spoken Word of God through people who talk with God like him has the power to prosper believers. Therefore, in an attempt to teach others how to start and run a successful business, he founded the “The Millionaire Academy” ( many years ago. One of the highlights of the conference in Houston, Texas, was that “The Millionaire Academy” ( held on Saturday March 11, 2017 was the first he ever did in the USA. The conference was so successful that he announced that he will make it a biannual event. During the meeting, he shared with the audience secrets and unconventional wisdom to become a millionaire like him, the Original Major, and even more. According to him, “poor people are good managers of their poverty”. For this pioneer of the forensic and microscopic prophecy, money is useless and to become rich, one must also learn to honor people and not insult money. For him, money measures value and for someone to have money, he or she must increase his or her value. He encouraged the audience not to wait for someone to give them value, but to give themselves value and never abandon their calling. He stated that “money does not go to nice people” and it does not respect prayer. In fact, according to this internationally sought-after conference speaker, the demon of poverty is more powerful than prayer and fasting combined”, and that is why most prayer warriors who do not apply the rules to be rich are usually broke. He also encouraged the audience to always remember to honor God with their finances and to keep sowing seeds in good soils. For instance, through the Uebert Angel Foundation (, Prophet Uebert Angel and his wife have been using their wealth to also change lives in some of the poorest communities on earth by building houses for the homeless, feeding the poor, sponsoring the education, providing scholarships and tuition fees for needy students. I wish time and space could allow me to detail here what I learned from him and all that happened at the conference. Fortunately, some of the wisdom of this prolific author can be found in some of his bestselling books (

  • Become A Millionaire In Real Estate
  • Defeating The Demon Of Poverty
  • Good News
  • How To Hear The Voice of God
  • Prayer Banks
  • Praying For The Impossible
  • Supernatural Power Of The Believer
  • The Greatest Secret God Told Me About Money
  • The Prayer God Cannot Ignore

He is one of the handful of contemporary pioneers and leaders of the Good News Revolution and modern day Prophetic Movement that are backed up by undeniable miracles, healings, signs, wonders and accurate prophecies. He is the founder and overseer of The Good News Church (also called Spirit Embassy The Good News Church) which has branches in the USA, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. His ministry aims at bringing liberty, transforming lives and healing the sick through the revelation of Euagellion, The Good News of God’s Grace too good to be true.


Prophet Uebert Angel, the spiritual father of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major1)
Prophet Uebert Angel, the spiritual father of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major1).

Prophet Uebert Angel obtained two degrees in Finance from the University of Salford (UK), a postgraduate degree at the University of Bolton (UK), and a Masters’ degree in Applied Philosophy from the University of Wales (UK). He is happily married to Beverly “Bebe” Angel, and together, they have 4 sons, some of which are already prophesying like their parents. Uebert and BeBe Angel are the founders of Miracle TV and the Good News TV ( which broadcast to millions of homes in Europe, Africa and Asia.


Prophet Uebert Angel is also a very successful and international businessman. He has more than 200 commercial and residential real estates across the globe. For instance, he is the founder and CEO of Sam Barkeley Construction (, a preconstruction planning, construction management, land and building acquisition company, which has been doing many projects in Europe, Africa, and in the USA. His other businesses are grouped under the parent company “The Angel Organization”. He is founder of Osbourne Institute of Theology (, an online school accredited by “Transworld Accrediting Association”. Students from more than 25 countries are enrolled in that school. He is a motivational speaker and he has done seminars in several African countries, USA, Canada, UK, the Caribbean, Australia, India, etc.


Recently, Prophet Uebert Angel has been described in Forbes Magazine as “one of those making multimillion-dollar fortunes, these do not inherit riches, but they make them on their own”. He is the second Zimbabwean in history to be featured in the prestigious Forbes Magazine. Many years ago, his net was estimated at more than 100 million US dollars. If an updated estimation can be done by properly taking into account the many businesses and hundreds of real estates that Prophet Uebert Angel and his wife have, I have no doubt that this exceptional couple must be counted among the billionaires. To make a long story short, this climate change lobbyist is one of the wealthiest ministers in the world. He is a UN Peace Ambassador and his acquaintances include several heads of state and other world leaders. Major Prophet Uebert Angel has received many honors and awards across the globe including “The Most Influential Contemporary African Diaspora Leadershonor in 2016 (

Apostle Felixosis attended also the conference and ministered alongside Prophet Uebert Angel.