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(as of Feb 23,2021 08:00:59 UTC – Details)

If you are ever faced with a tricky screw with a ruined (badly worn) head, then these neji-saurus pliers will remove the screw with ease. Crafted in Japan, the neji-saurus plier’s unique patented jaw groove and lip design, allows you to firmly grip a screw and simply twist it out (normal pliers would just slip off), the jaws can even grip & extract truss head screws (low-profile dome heads). The neji-saurus pliers will also extract custom/specialized and tamper-proof screws.The pz-59 jaws also have inter-meshed jaw grooves, which allows very thin materials (such as shim) to be gripped & held firmly. The pz-59 Neji-saurus RX pliers are intended for use on screws with head diameters of 3mm – 15mm.

quickly extract damaged screws, specialised screws – even tamper proof screws (screw head diameters 3mm~15mm)
much easier to use than other screw removal tools – just grip & twist the damaged screw out!
specially shaped & uniquely serrated gripping jaws – unlike other pliers, these screw pliers won’t slip (or slip off)
innovative inter-meshed jaw teeth allows a firm grip on the thinnest of materials (shim etc.)
equipped with powerful side cutting jaws (Steel wire – upto 3.2mm diameter)
ergonomic oil-resistant TPR (thermoplastic rubber) grips for unmatched comfort
‘T profile’ forged handle (this design ensures the grips won’t twist or slip off)

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