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ILO SKILL-UP Ethiopia project has organized the first sector skills committee (SSC) to support the sectors of textile & garment and agro-processing.
The members of the SSC are coming from the industry, private companies, TVET officials, and government (with an observation role). Both, the SSC on the textile and garment sector and the SSC on agro-processing, were conducted on the 3rd and 4th of December.

The main objectives of the first SSC meeting were:

  • Planning, identifying and prioritizing industry skill and workforce development training needs to advise the government on targeting training fund;
  • Identifying career pathways within the industry for national qualification purposes and career guidance;
  • Development of national occupational standards;
  • Providing professionals for the review of courses to meet industry standards;
  • Developing training and career information resources;
  • Supporting teacher workplace exposure programs; and
  • Providing advice on training options and workforce development to industry and enterprises

During the discussion, SSC members have mentioned that ILO’s effort to facilitate SSC meetings has an important impact on workforce and skills development. The sector skills committees identify the skills needs of the industry and allow the member to exchange and share their views and experience. Furthermore, the sector skills committee provides advice and promotes industry-training partnerships.

The SSC will have the authority and recognition within the sector to make strategic decisions on behalf of the textile and garment sector.
During their first meeting, the members have discussed their roles and responsibilities in the SSC. The next meeting will be held in February, in which the SSC chairperson and other key positions will be selected to discuss further strategies.

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