Chriselda Mashaba senior reporter

Brother Obed Ntem, the leader of the Issachar tribe extended an invitation to all the 12 tribes of ECG to come together in a prophetic prayer and fasting on behalf of the church for the month of June 2019.

Many different tribes heeded the call and spent the day of June fifth on the grounds of Issachar at the showgrounds, interceding throughout the day.

They came as stewards of ECG, fasted with a mission to pray for protection for the church and their loved ones and “to change the calendar of the dark world for our church”.

Brother Obed held two different prayer sessions, one in the afternoon and another in the evening to break the fast.

Stressing that the gathering was not an Issachar issue but a church issue he said
“Prayer is not exclusively for Issachar, every steward must pray”.

On encouraging the stewards, he said “We only have this time to show allegiance to our parents. You are here because God instructed you to be here and nowhere else.”

He further said that when the church is in trouble, the whole church should come together and pray as one, not just the intercessors.

As the stewards worshiped and prayed intensively, the Holy Spirit moved and touched them. It was indeed a Spiritual Warfare, as weapons were released one prayer point after the other.

Sister Nkazi, leader of the Naphtali tribe, whose mandate is to win souls for the kingdom of light, was also there in support of the prayer for protection for the month of June.

Source: ECG News Online

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