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Education ministers from Turkey, Bangladesh, Zambia, and Ghana are among the high-level representatives gathering to discuss the many issues facing the 46 LDCs, with the continued aim to deliver sustainable goals by 2030.

The United Nations’ fifth Least Development Countries Conference has been running in Doha, Qatar from March 5 – 9th.

Education Above All is among those hosting several events including panel discussions and roundtable talks between ministers, youth activists, and education specialists.

EAA will also co-sign several policies, showing its continued support for projects on the ground in places like Mali, Nepal, and Nigeria.

One person who will be attending the event is Humphrey Mrema, Chairman of the Youth Survival Organization. He is from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, a country where climate change is having a profound impact, and will speak at an event hosted by EAA’s partner Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) on March 8th.

“Tanzania as a growing economy is highly dependent on agriculture, tourism, and fishing. Climate change is already led to death, land degradation, loss of jobs and properties, famine, hunger, and energy insecurity. More than 45% of Tanzanians lack access to clean water and sanitation. Other social services are also fail to cater for the needs of the growing population which has now reached 61 million people according to the 2022 National Population Census.”

Humphrey Mrema is Chairman of Youth Survival Organization and has been working on environmental projects for four years. He jointly drafted the Youth4Climate Manifesto (2021) during the Pre-COP26 in Italy and the Kampala Declaration (2022), adopted by Environment Ministers during the Migration, Environment, and Climate Change Conference in Uganda.

He was also involved in the #Payment Overdue campaign ahead and during COP27, aiming at exhorting decision-makers to establish a financial mechanism to address loss and damage.

“My representation at LDC5 will provide a space to amplify the voices of communities in need and demand for international solidarity to take urgent action because we are running out of time and falling short of the ambitious targets we set in 2015 to achieve sustainable development,” he says.

“LDC5 and the Doha Program of Action are instrumental in shaping policy reforms, financing and planning to transform millions of communities that are facing a food crisis, climate change, youth unemployment and lack of basic public utilities including electricity, water as well as social services like education and health which are hampered by budgetary constraints.”

“At LDC5 I hope to speak about topics such as youth as the engine of green jobs as well as forming partnerships to revitalize the younger generation’s hopes in delivering for the people and the planet.”

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