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The month of December marking the beginning and end of the three years of the Barrow led coalition government is finally here; so what?
After all the issues surrounding the beginning of 3 years Jotna; and there is little did the Barrow government did to avert any unforeseen circumstances that would have cause any protest by the pro-democracy groupings calling themselves 3 years Jotna.
The country has being going through a transition government of three years , and the President and his team of the coalition members who earlier sold the idea of three years to the people of Gambia decided to go back on their own words and promise just one year after Barrow was voted in office.
Close to the end of the three years some independent people from all walks of life formed themselves in a formidable group and were ready to hold the government accountable on to their own political pronouncements some three years ago.
The group reminded the President several times that it was him who said during the election campaign that if elected into office he will only serve a three year transition government and will not offer himself for any future elections.
The President was again reminded that it was he President Barrow who presented a political manifesto to the Independent Electoral Commission as he offered himself as a presidential candidate for the coalition in 2016; and in the said manifesto he re-echoed that he will only lead a transition government of three years and will not participate in any subsequent elections.
The Barrow presidency was bent on perpetuating himself into power just like the two previous government did. The regime instead of trying to dialogue with the people he differed with in terms of sticking to his manifesto and campaign promises; he is on record saying whether people like it or not he was going to be president till 2021.
Instead of calling for a dialogue he and his government sad they had hot water to poor onto peaceful protesters; instead of calling for a dialogue; the President is said to have trained a lot of the police on ways of tackling peaceful protesters.
Is all lost to avert the protest or not? It’s the candid opinion of the Daily News that even if all is not lost but there is very little chance for government to avert what should have being stopped a long time ago. However the government can immediately called for an all-inclusive dialogue now and that would put the protesters on hold for the outcome of such a national dialogue.
Mr. President think twice and call for such dialogue as time is not available. Acting now is better than later.

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