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By Yankuba Jallow

Foroyaa engaged some lawyers to know how receptive are they to the Covid-19 vaccine. The target was to get at least 3 lawyers to speak about the importance of Covid-19 vaccines to their work but we ended up having only one lawyer who said she has taken it.

Out of 16 lawyers Foroyaa engaged only one of them said she took the vaccine even though she does not want her name to be mentioned.

The lawyers who did not take vaccines have different reasons for not taking it. Some said they are skeptical of the vaccines while others said they prefer applying the safety precaution measures such as frequent washing of their hands, wearing face mask and ensuring social (physical) distance.

Most of them despite not taking the vaccines said it is important that people are vaccinated to end Covid-19.

Another female lawyer speak to Foroyaa said it very important for legal practitioners to be vaccinated because it does not only protect them but people they come in contact with. She did not disclose whether she took it or not.

But for the only lawyer from our sources who took the vaccine, she said there is a purpose to everything adding vaccines are meant to protect people from Covid-19 which can be deadly.

“I did not have a second mind when taking the vaccine. I took the J and J vaccine. People can say anything about how they feel about the vaccine, but for me I did not hesitate when taking it. I know it is for my protection and those I come in contact with,” she said.

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