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President Adama Barrow who was part of the coalition 2016 team has recently being taken to task by some other political parties and the latest to join the team is the United Democratic Party (UDP) ; these parties and some concern citizens and groups are holding him accountable on his own political promises.
Barrow with his team in 2016 told Gambians that he will only serve a transition period of only three years and will not participate in the subsequent elections for presidency; which decision he as a U-turn now.
These were not only said during campaign rallies but Adama Barrow himself uses such in his own Independent political manifesto.
However the president was quick to take a U-turn on his promise that he will be in the presidential seat for the next five years whether his opponents like it or not. He made these assertions at a political rally organised by his fans club at Brikama recently.
Earlier than that, Barrow was on record saying he has taken a different position as far as the three years agreement and his political manifesto is concern. Barrow had decided to continue for five years instead of three years as agreed in 2016.
A pro-democracy group calling themselves 3 Years Jotna have being calling for the resignation of President Barrow come December 2019; failure to resign the pro-democracy group said they will take on the streets, come what.
Government of Adama Barrow have already purchased some water tankers which they said will be filled with hot water and whoever takes to the streets will face the consequences of being poured hot water. Since then the Gambia police Force has being undergoing several trainings proposedly getting ready to counter the peaceful protest.
The Daily News warns President Barrow to honour the three years as that was his political promise and not only a political promise but his political manifesto.
It’s high time that politicians respect the electorates by sticking to their promises. One cannot tell electorates to vote for him and he will do A and B; only to turn around and do another thing different after getting their votes. That is politics of deception and also politics of lies.
Barrow should respect the electorates and if in in any way he thinks otherwise; the best thing is to go back to the people and ask for endorsement.

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