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Anti-Israel demonstrators in London over the weekend chanted death threats and hurled antisemitic abuse at Jewish counter-protesters, according to video footage circulating on social media.

“You dog only death will come to you/You son of a bastard only death will come to you/You Zionist only death will come to you,” the demonstrators shouted, fists in the air.

A Jewish woman can be seen crying as a result of the aggression,

A video circulating on twitter shows a Jewish woman crying in response to the aggression.

“I just want to live like a normal person and it’s killing me that someone is so passionate to me not being here, not being alive, or not existing here,” she said.

The event, organized by the Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), was a “Protest for Gaza” that took place on Saturday outside of the Israeli embassy in the UK capital.

The demonstration appeared to be tied to the last week’s flare-up of violence in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, during which the Iran-backed Islamic Jihad terrorist group launched hundreds of rockets into southern and central Israel following the targeted killing of its senior commanders.

The PFB has been accused of having links with Hamas. PFB spokesperson Zaher Birawi currently serves as director of the Palestinian Return Center (PRC), which is led by prominent Hamas supporters and operatives, including Majed al-Zeer, Gasshan Faour, and Sheikh Majdi Akeel, the latter two who are activists for Interpal, a designated terrorist organization and financier of Hamas.

Although the PRC denies any connection to Hamas, Birawi has been seen in several photos with prominent members of the organization, including Ismail Haniyeh and Ahmad Bahar.

The PFB regularly hosts Hamas leaders at its annual conferences, as well as other extremist speakers, several of whom have since been banned from entering Britain.

In 2012, for instance, the PFB featured Azzam “Kaboom” Tamimi, an advocate of suicide bombings, and Abdel Bari Atwan, who has openly prayed for a nuclear attack on Israel. At the same conference, the PFB hosted Saudi cleric Muhammad Musa Al-Shareef, who has asserted, in a now deleted video, that “Jews are our enemies.” He has also condoned the murder of Israeli civilians, claimed that Muslim terrorism was at times “required,” and called on apostates of Islam to be killed.

The PFB rejects Israel’s right to exist in entirety, considering all of Israel “Arab Islamic land,” and uses classic Nazi imagery and symbolism on its website to depict Israel as the “Jew among the nations,” an evil state that must be eradicated.

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