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Product Description




One Package Include All You Need

1 x Lab Hot plate Stirrer
1 x PT1000 Sensor
1 x Magnetic Stir Bar
1 x Screwdriver
1 x US Power Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x FAQ

Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer – Four E’S Manufacturer

Professional Lab Quality Device

Accurate Digital Control of both Heat and Stirring

Professional Designs- Which Surpass other hotplates on the market:

[LED Display for Temp and Spped]- Read temp and speed in real time.
[Fast heating ceramic hotplate]- ceramic coated hotplate allows for immediate heat transfer, corrosion resistance and fast cool-down.
[Quick Liquid Mixing]- 100-1500rpm speed range that’s quickadjusted by 3D knobs
[Widely Application]- used in the laboratory, classroom, workshop or home.

Hotplate Stirrer Technical Specifications

Speed Range


Heating Temp Range

Room temp.-280°C

Max Stirring Quanlity

5 [H2O,L)

Set-up Plate Dimensions


Set-up Plate Material

Stainless steel with ceramic coated

Motor Type

DC motor

Speed Display


Heating Output


Temperature Display Accuracy


Safety Temperature


Hot Surface Warning


Voltage [VAC]





268*160*85 [W*D*H, mm]


LED Digital Dispaly for Temperature and Stirring Speed

LED digital display for Easy reading the temp and speed at the real time.

The speed and temperature are easily controlled by 3D knobs for quick adjustment.


Advanced Ceramic Hot Plate

A ceramic coating to ensure fast heating, even heat disbursement and corrosion resistance. This lab stirrer can be used as a hot plate, a stirrer or both at the same time.


Stainless steel Casing

High temperature resistent and strong flame-retardant.

Corrosion resistance and fast cool-down.

Well Buit Quality for last.


Maximum Stirring Quantity

Maximum stirring quantity can reach up to 5L (max 3L at 1500rpm)







The magnetic hotplate’s temperature and stirring speed can be easily adjusted and controlled by turning 2 3D digital wheels on the machine.

Both the temperature and the stirring speed are read in LED digital display, to give you more control and accuracy in your experiments and projects.

When the included PT1000 sensor is connected, the accurate liquid temperature can be read.

Widely Application







Private or Commercial Labs

Can be used in private or commercial scientific, chemical, biological, industrial and agricultural laboratories.

Institutions, Schools or Universities

Can be used for education, including in high school, college and university lab classrooms.

At-Home Projects

Can be used for at-home liquid mixing and heating experiment projects.

Model Number





Max Stirring Liquid



1L (H₂O)

Stirring Speed Range

100-1500 rpm

50-1500 rpm

50-1500 rpm

Heating Capacity

Up to 280°C

Up to 510°C

No Heating Function

Mixing & Heating Hotplate: The large hot plate max 5000ml capacity make it ideal for both smaller and larger volume heating and mixing. stainless steel making with a ceramic coating to ensure fast heating, even corrosion resistance and fast cool-down. This lab stirrer can be used as a hot plate, a stirrer – or both working at the same time.
Accurate Temperature Control :The heating stirrer temperature adjustment is sensitive and the temperature is accuracy is ±0.1℃. Heats up very quickly and the magnetic motor function works flawlessly. More precise setting of temperature and speed through the LED digital display
Magnetic stirrer hotplate start the magnetic stirring faster by flashing the RPM and slowing down to the set RPM to overcome the sample inertia. Stir speed adjustable and offer a broad range of speeds.
Bonus: it comes with stir bar and a temperature probe that hooks up to the machine, so that when you set it to a certain temperature, it measures your solution and adjusts the heating element to get your solution to nearly the exact temperature that you want. Worth the money versus some cheaper/sketchy machines.
Multifunctional: The magnetic stirrer hot plate can be used in the lab, classroom, workshop or home. Best used for home brewing, wine making, yeast mixing, e-juice and vape mixing, home chemistry, aromatherapy, essential oils and more. This stir plate’s powerful heating and stirring and intuitive controls make it the perfect option for those who demand lab quality and reliability.

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